Thursday, November 06, 2014

[Tutorial] DIY Jeweled Knit Headwarmer

My favorite part of winter are the layers! Chunky sweaters, fluffy scarves, cozy jackets and toasty headwarmers. The likehood of me wearing a headwarmer daily this winter is about 1000% because I HATE it when my ears are cold. In yesterday's #washdayexperience I shared my (current) fave headwarmer. Here's how I bedazzled it in two---yes TWO easy steps. No sewing or gluing required!

What you'll need:

A knit headwarmer- If you're a rockstar and know how to crochet, I say MAKE IT! Here's a fanastic crochet pattern from Nikki In Stitches. But if you're a little incompetent---and really impatient like me, pick one up from World Market or on Etsy!

Jeweled Headband- Yep. That's my secret. It's just a headband attached to a headwarmer y'all! Sneaky right? And I bet that you already have just the CUTEST headband in your closet waiting to be re-purposed!

2 Bobby pins- Because I like to interchange the bedazzlement--- #yesthatsaword #becauseIjustmadeitup #Iseethatjudgeylookonyourface #butImacoolkid #backtothetutorial---I use bobby pins to secure the headband to the headwarmer. If you want a more permanment design, you can defintinely through a few stitches on each side of the headband---or better yet, use a sassy applique and a little hot glue. The sky is the limit here for sure.
How To:

Step 1- Fold the headband flat and tuck through the headwarmer loop.

Step 2- Use a bobby pin to secure each end in place.

Viola! You're done!

Besitos chicas!


  1. Sneaky but I love it. Looks professionally done. I'm certain this would cost a grip if purchased from the store with how you've created it.

    1. Thanks Jay! And---yes it would have cost $25-30 on Etsy! Don't judge me---I looked there first before deciding that I could totally make this on my own! My favorite part: Being able to switch up the bedazzled jewels in 5 seconds! #woot!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lesley! Next up: lining it with satin to make it 100% hhj friendly. LOL


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