Wednesday, March 04, 2015

[Hairstyle] 7 Days 7 Ways | The #WashDayExperience

Have you ever gotten into a hair rut? Same style day in and day out? I realized that I was becoming obsessively addicted to my lazy low bun. So, I decided to challenge myself to a week of no repeats. Plus give you guys an inside look into what I do with my hair between wash days!

DAY 1: Deep Condition + Perm rods
Curly Upsweep

Starting with last week's #washdayexperience, here's my curly upsweep. I adored this look. It was so simple but still really classy. Truth be told--I didn't plan on getting this look, when I pulled down my perm rods, the curls were super defined and really tight. I didn't want to fluff them to death and possibly ruin a chance at a good next day style so I pulled them up into this do.

Then, I went beast mode in cardio kickboxing. Poor poor curls didn't stand a chance. I get asked a lot how long my perm rod curls last. Honestly, I really don't know. I workout 5-6 days a week and the purpose of a perm rod set to me is to stretch my hair and make styling easier in the days after. I'm so sorry guys!
That night, I took what reminded of my curls and flat twisted them in 6 sections. I secured the ends with white perm rods and went to bed. Surprisingly, it only took me 15 minutes to set my hair. #winning.

DAY 2: Low Manipulation Style
Flat Twist Out and Curl

This was one of my favorite styles of the week! I wasn't really expecting much from my flat twist and curl. After suffering from years and years (I'm NOT exaggerating here y'all. My twist outs have served epic hair fail after epic hair fail) of really bad twist outs, I've learned to lower my expectations. So when this style actually looked presentable, I twirled y'all! That night, I bantu knotted my hair in 6 sections and went to bed.

Both of my successful twist outs have been done on stretched hair---I think that I might be ready for a more defined wet set! Fingers crossed that it doesn't look all jacked up!

DAY 3: Protective Style
Head Band Tuck x2

I must have bantu knotted my hair in the dark--with one hand tied behind my back---because my curls were really wonky.  Whenever I don't know what to do with my hair, my go to style is the Head band tuck.

After looking at the pictures, I really hated my first take. So I took it down, shook my head around to loosen up the curls more then tried again. For the second take, I skipped the jeweled headband, let a few curls frame my face and made the tuck tighter on the sides. Much much much better!

DAY 4: Co-wash + Protective Style
Banana Clip French Tuck

I deep condition or co-wash my hair every 3-4 days. This isn't really new, but since my big chop it is definitely easier to commit to because my hair doesn't tangle in the wash! I applied Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing hair smoothie to my dry tangle free hair, massaged a little extra virgin coconut oil on top, then covered with a plastic cap and let it sit for a while without heat. I used this conditioner last summer (You can check it out here) but it didn't wow me. This time, I was intrigued by how soft and fluffy my hair was when I rinsed it all out. In fact, my hair was so moisturized that I didn't use a leave in conditioner after wards! I just added a little more extra virgin coconut oil then pulled my hair into this french tuck using a banana clip and 3 large bobby pins.

I really struggle with styling my wet hair. Right now, I'm all about stretched hair so I don't usually allow my hair to dry without being stretched. Luckily, this style is a 1-2 combo. It stretched my roots and kept my ends moisturized. That night, I removed one side of the banana clip to loosen it up then covered with my scarf.

DAY 5: Protective Style
Top Knot

My roots were beautifully stretched from my previous style so it made it super easy to pull my hair up into this top knot. I just pull my hair into a high puff, twist it into 4-6 sections then wrap them around to form a bun. Okay...that explanation was terrible. I owe y'all a tutorial! 

That night, I covered with a scarf and went to bed.

DAY 6: Protective Style
Knotted Updo

I'm perfectly obsessed with knotted hair styles right now! I revisited my knotted updo from a few weeks ago. But I kinda forgot to take pictures---so y'all get stuck with the one from the tutorial.

I didn't need to band my hair this time---it was already stretched from the previous day's styles. before knotting, I moisturized with Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner---my favorite leave in of allll time---and sealed with a little hair butter. 

Day 7: Protective Style
Goddess Braids

With my half-marathon training back into full swing, I dawned a set of Goddess Braids for my long training session. 7+ sweaty miles later, every single hair was still in place. Even though my hair still felt really moisturized, it's time to wash and start the process all over again!

So now you know my terrible dirty little secrets. I don't moisturize and seal daily. I wash my hair frequently. I live in protective styles. I hope you still like me! Ha-ha!

Would you take the 7 days 7 ways challenge?

How was your #washdayexperience?



  1. I really need to repost my knotted updo. I haven't posted pics of it since 2012 and I keep saying I want to do it again.

  2. Wow! I am.... intrigued. I feel you tho about the lazy low bun, that's the phase I'm in right now. Love your styles! Yes I will take the 7 days 7 ways challenge, and I'll give you a shout out when I do. And let me just apologize in advance for my really short and boring post on my relaxer update, I'm so swarmped right now. Spoiler Alert!!!

    1. Totally understandable chica! I can't wait to see your styles in the 7 days 7 ways challenge!

      Thanks for being apart of the #washadyexperience chica!

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I am so intrigued by how well you transition into natural hair styling. It comes to show that many healthy hair practices are translatable between relaxed and natural hair. You are a style icon! I do not have much experience with styling on stretched hair. I am the wet (or rather damp) set queen. If I wasn't into my one week protective styles, I would join you. You showed us that we can still look glam and incorporate a hardcore workout regimen in our every day lives.

    1. Thanks Kristal!

      And you're absolutely right, every single one of these styles, I did before I chopped! I'm still caring for my hair the same way. I'm still using the same exact products.

      In my opinion, it doesn't matter how you choose to style your hair! All that matters is that you keep it healthy!

      Re: styling on stretched hair

      Quite honestly, I just don't know any better! I'm so accustomed to stretching my hair. I think that once I mini-chop the 2-3 inches of wavy, curly texlaxed bits on the ends of my bangs, I'll go for more wet styled looks.

  4. My favourite is day 5 :)) lovely KLP! I wish I knew how to flat twist and braid my hair..

    1. You're too kind Becca! Keep practicing your flat twists and braids---you'll be a pro sooner than you think!

  5. Something about that headband tuck! love it. all the styles are awesome. Liking the side swept banana clip bun too. I can tell you're enjoying this phase of your journey. I was in target earlier this week and that CD hair vanilla smoothie hitched a ride in my cart. Sadly it got off at the check out counter. I think it was the price. I wasn't ready! (kevin Hart voice)

  6. Come and do my hair in these gorgeous updo's KLP. They are all stunning.

  7. So beautiful. Love all the updo's KLP. I'm so in a hair rut right now, buns are not cutting it x

  8. I want to try the banana clip French tuck. I love all these styles.

  9. Both headband tuck styles are ca-yute! Every time I try something like that with a headband, it either moves around all over my head or gives me a headache! :(

  10. Wow KLP aren't you one creative chica! I love the top knot, top knotted updo and goddess braid the best. Now you got me wanting to try them all out lol!

  11. WOW. 7days 7styles that all looked for super cute!!! I like this. Yes please I will like a tutorial on the bun. So cute and makes for a bigger fuller bun!!

  12. This is so nice and educative, this is my first time here and already loving it.

    Simply Uneeke

    1. Yay! My hope is that you continue to enjoy our content!


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