Friday, July 01, 2016

6 Ways To Style A Wash and Go

Letting your curls fly wild and free is always fun and perfect for summer---but what do you do when the dynamic devilish duo of frizz and shrinkage attack your wash and go? Luckily I've got 6 ways that you can style your wash and go without ruining your curls, combat shrinkage, and give your frizz that "I woke up like this" slayage:

1/ SIDE SWEPT (tutorial)

I am in LOVE with this style. It's effortless, sophisticated, and super easy. Pull all your curls over to the side then add a few hair pins and maybe a decorative head band to give the style even more pizazz. This style works well for any curl set; especially perm rods!

2/ HIGH PUFF (tutorial)

Of course this list wouldn't be complete without my high puff. I usually love my high puff voluminous and fluffy---which usually leads to tangles and dehydrated curls. But not when my hair is in a wash and go! My wash and go technique ensures that my curls are tangle free and uber moisturized.

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3/ FROHAWK (tutorial)

Frohawks are fierce, edgy, and fun but I'm not gonna lie---I'm gonna need some time to get used to this one on me because it's not my usual sleek sophisticated (aka mom hair) look. I'm not yet comfortable with really bold styles on my curls but at the same time---I feel really empowered by its carefree wildness.

4/ BANGS (tutorial)

Shaping your curls requires either a cut or some strategic fluffing. Because I'm not really ready for that cut life, I choose to band my curls to elongate them. My bangs are completely overgrown so a add a few hair pins to the front to give the illusion of face framing fluffy bang realness. (Say that 10 times fast! LOL)

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5/ LOW PUFF (tutorial)

My curls in the front of my hair tend to frizz up faster than the ones in the back---but instead of washing--I usually pull my hair back into a low puff. Low puffs are functional (it keeps my hair out of my face) but classic. Adding a little edge control tames my edges and flyaways for a sleek look.


Ever wake up with one side of your curls smushed and flat? (Hope that someone else besides me is raising their hand right now...) There are times when no matter how much fluffing I do---my curls on one side just won't act right--enter my half up style. I just pin up the offending curls, shake the style out a little and boom! The perfect "I meant to do that" style!

What's your favorite style for a wash and go?

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  1. Love ALL these styles! One day when the wash n go makes a regular appearance on my wash day, I'll be referring to this list to prolong it's slay-life.

    1. Thanks Josie! I can't wait to see one of these styles on you!

  2. Where is the love button. The side sweep is gorgeous!

  3. I love all your hairstyles, my absolute fave is the high puff. Gorge I tell you!

    1. And that high puff is probably the easiest most fool proof style EVA!!! LOL. Thanks for stopping by chica!

  4. I love that side swept do and headband!!!!!

    1. Thanks chica!!! Definitely a style that I'll do more often!!

  5. Great info and beautiful style. Going on vacation in a couple of weeks and needed ideas as a newly natural. Thanks


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